What is an Oscilloscope and why to use it?

What is an Oscilloscope and why to use it?


An oscilloscope otherwise previously referred to as an oscillograph is a special device that enables the measurement of varying voltage signals, and it’s often depicted as a two-dimensional plot of one or more signals in regards to time. More so, various other signals such as vibrations and sound can be converted to voltages and relayed to the screen. This device is mainly used to monitor any variations that occur in an electrical signal and in a specified amount of time. As a result, the voltage and time can depict a special pattern that is often represented as a graph by using a calibrated scale.

Initially, users would only be able to calculate the relevant values manually by measuring the waveform with regards to the scales that are indicated on the screen of the measuring tool. The oscilloscope can be customized such that redundant signals can be seen as continuous shapes on the digital screen. More so, a storage oscilloscope can allow users to capture single events on their measuring tools and for a significant duration of time. As a result, this allows for the observations of events that are too fast to be perceived by the conventional graphing scale. A significant portion of the modern day oscilloscopes provides digital functionalities, thereby enabling more accurate signal calculations and convenient calculations.


It comes as no surprise that equipment that can convert mechanical power into mechanical power played an important role in the development of the industrial world. Some of these devices included the compressors, robots, pumps, and conveyors as well. The voltage signals that control these electro-mechanical devices are important by a unperceived element in our day to day lives. For this reason, the oscilloscope was developed to capture any changes that occurred in the functionalities of these industries changing equipment.

Oscilloscopes are a standard solution in various disciplines including engineering, automotive, medicine and the telecommunications industry. The conventional measuring tools are excellent for the maintenance of electronic tools and laboratory tasks as well. The unique oscilloscopes may be used for various functions such as analyzing the ignition system of the vehicle or analyzing a hard drives read signal, or  perhaps depict the heartbeat of an individual.

Before the introduction of digital electronics, oscilloscopes used special technological equipment known as cathode ray tubes as an important aspect of their display capabilities. The storage oscilloscopes feature unique CRTS to control the display of any signals.

Oscilloscopes can display voltage signals in waveforms as representations of the average amount of voltage that occurs in a given duration of time. These signals are often then plotted on a graph, which depicts the signal changes that occur on various equipment in a specified duration of time. In most cases, the horizontal axis is used to represent the time while the vertical axis is used to represent voltage.

l The graph that is used on an oscilloscope can portray various factors:

l Voltage and current signals at a given point in time

l Signal changes and inconsistencies

l Calculating the frequency of an oscillating signal and any variations


The history of Texas Instruments

The history of Texas Instruments


History of Texas Instruments: TI is an American technology company which manufactures and designs semiconductors, TI also known for its quality of semiconductors globally. The company sells semiconductors to electronic manufactures and designers globally; the headquartered of the company is situated in Dallas, Texas, US. TI focus is on developing embedded processors and analog chips which generate more than 85 percent of the revenue. Apart from this, the company also produces education and digital light processing technology which includes products like, multi core processors and micro controllers. According to 2016 report, the number of employees TI has is 29,877.


In 1951 the company was emerged in geophysical service incorporated which was founded in 1930. GSI manufactured equipment’s which were used in defence industry as well as in seismic industry. In 1950 the world’s first commercial silicon transistor is produced by the Texas instruments and at the same time company also manufactured and designed first transistor radio in 1954. In 1967 the hand held calculator also invented by the Texas instruments and in 1970 the first single chip micro controller was introduced by the TI.Digital light processing device which is also known as DLP was invented by the TI in 1987 while company also came up with T1-81 calculator in 1990 which made TI leader in the calculator industry.


The company was founded by the Patrick E. Haggerty, H. Green, J. Erik Jonsson, and McDermott in 1951. In 1930 Geophysical service inc. was founded by the McDremott. Green, jonsson and Mcdermott was the GSI employees and later they have purchased the organisation in 1941. Patrick Haggerty was hired as GM of laboratory and manufacturing in November 1945 who majorly gives his focus on electronic equipment’s. By 1951, in comparison to GSI division L&M division with its defence contracts was growing faster. In 1965 TI and GSI was came together in order to monitor the Soviet Union’s underground nuclear weapons testing. With the submarine detection equipment TI has entered in the defence electronic market in 1942. TI has instituted a quality program in the early 1980s which includes, statistical process control, Juran training, allied and Eastman kodak signal, design for six sigma and taguchi methods.


Products: There are some main products which are manufactures and designed by the TI such as, embedded processors, analog electronics, integrated circuits, calculators, digital light processors and digital signal processors.


Laptop Data Recovery Is A Lot Easier Than It Used To Be

laptop-data-recovery-is-a-lot-easier-than-it-used-to-be1The laptop is one of the most common devices being purchased by many consumers because it is handy and convenient for them. Most of the consumers are fond of getting laptops with larger memory and gaming features that would allow them to maximize the result they would have from it. But, laptops would become more valuable as always because you are going to use this in saving and keeping important documents you need for work and some other activities. This would surely help you in improving your experience, but you should always be prepared for the possible problems that may happen.

There are different problems to experience and on top of it is a loss of data. Loss of data is very serious if not going to be taken cared easily or if you do not have an idea of the possible things you have to do. There could be a number of reasons on why your data would be lost, there is a chance that viruses had penetrated your system and eventually make your files corrupted. This is something you have to expect as early as now to easily become assured on the right steps you have to do.

But, when it comes to the best things to do about laptop data recovery, you should become knowledgeable and familiar with the number of options you have in order to be successful in the result it would offer.

Hiring the Right Professionals

Most of the consumers would prefer to hire professionals when dealing with laptop data recovery. This is more convenient because they can have a better chance of having assurances on the possible recovery of their files. The process is very simple because you are going to spend a shorter period of time on this, and you can pay the professionals for the services offered for you. But, this is not really recommended if your data are case sensitive or may need extreme privacy.

Choosing the Right Tools for You

On the other hand, you may also choose to download and install tools that could help you with recovering your data. This is ideal for people who would like to keep the privacy of their files and manage to retrieve the one they need. It could help you to have access to files you have deleted for years and eventually decide which of it are very relevant for your business and purposes.

Who Needs An SSD Drive?

who-needs-an-ssd-drive2Data storage is very important especially if people have so much data that they needed to be saved. There are many ways that people can store their data and the use of solid-state drive is one of the options that they can choose. The solid-state drive or also known as SSD drive is a storage device that is non-volatile and stores the data on the solid-state flash memory. People can think of this drive like the USB memory sticks but on a more sophisticated and a larger scale. Solid-state drives are known to be fast compared to other storage devices that can be purchased in the market.

Why Use Solid-State Drive?

This drive does not have any moving parts compared to the old storage devices. This enables a person to access the data faster because it skips the mechanical spin that other devices have. Because the solid-state drive does not have any moving or rotating parts within, it is silent and does not make any noise when it is in use. Also, this drive is a non-volatile type of memory. This means that even if the person turns off the device, the stored data in the drive will not be erased or be lost for a long period of time. The data stored in the solid-state drive can even outlive the person who stored the data in it.

Solid-State Drive is for Everyone

Solid-state drive or SSD drive is a storage device for everyone. This device is especially for those who want to have a shorter waiting period when it comes to accessing the files and documents that they have saved. This device is also for those people who want to have a faster access to the applications and games that they want to use. Solid-state drives are extremely fast and are perfect for computer games. Solid-state devices also allow people to use multiple applications with ease and without lagging. They can access websites, play music, and run antivirus systems scans all at the same time without experiencing any difficulty and lagging.

Solid-state drive is perfect for everyone and using this storage device can greatly help people when it comes to doing tasks on their desktop computers. Having this storage device is really beneficial because it is faster compared to other drives in the market. People play their computer games and do other stuff without experiencing any lagging time.

Every Company Should Have Established Data Recovery Procedures

every-company-should-have-established-data-recovery-procedures3Today’s economy is driven by the immediate feed of data from business to consumer and vice versa.  Nearly every business from home based to large retailer is using technology to store, send and share data. Most business owners have the common sense to install anti-virus software, back up their files and have multiple devices from which their data can be accessed, but what happens when those safety measures fail or become corrupted?

Businesses need to have data recovery procedures in place for when the unthinkable happens—your system fails, a natural disaster takes down your servers, a virus wipes out your data base. Having a plan already in place that your team members are aware of and know how to use is important in keeping business as usual when data loss occurs.

Best Recovery Procedures for Business

While every business is different and has different data recovery procedure needs, there are a few general practices that all businesses should have as a part of their plan for when data is potentially lost.

  • Before disaster ever occurs, make sure that you have your devices set to auto back up daily. There are many ways this can be done including backing up to the cloud or to an external hard drive.
  • Consult with an IT professional to determine the best data recovery software for your business needs.
  • If using software to recover data, do not use the device that the software is being run on
  • Prioritize the data that needs to be recovered first and foremost in the event of a disaster
  • Consider image based backup systems that allow frequent backups
  • Invest in a system that allows both granular and application file recovery so that you can recover specific data quickly and efficiently.
  • Host based back up approaches are great for protecting virtual machines
  • Implement a solution with an archiving ability so that primary storage is reduced
  • Work with a Managed Service Provider to determine the best solutions and plans for your specific type of business

The most important thing to remember about protecting your data is that there is no one solution for every company. Exploring your options before it is too late is vital for maintaining system health and recovery lost data if the need arises. You also must make it a part of your employee’s routine to monitor the backup processes that you have in place this will make your data recovery procedures much easier to manage.

Is Virtual Storage Safe?

is-virtual-storage-safe4If you came here without prior knowledge about what virtual storage is, here is a rundown of what you need to know. It exists through the use of a virtual storage appliance (VSA), an appliance used to control storage by running on a virtual machine (VM) to make a huge storage space that is shared by users without the use of too much hardware. It provides a high-quality performance of creating backups, archives, data transfer and data recovery between and among the computers connected by a network.

Low costs, more space for data – what more can you ask for? It sounds perfect, right? It does, but then, it isn’t really perfect. You should understand that there are loopholes in everything. There are loopholes in the systems of governance, in the educational curricula, in the use of cosmetics, and what have you. Likewise, for virtual storages, there is never a perfect version of it, and that’s mostly because of human error. What we can do is minimize the risks and make it even a tad bit safer than just your physical storage devices.

Eliminating Loopholes

Here are some tips to make your virtual storage safe from certain backlashes or cons that you might encounter.

  • Install an antivirus engine inside the VM. By installing an antivirus engine the virtual machine, you can minimize the risk of having infections or malicious software (malware) entering the system. The machine does all the malware scanning for you within the space it has and within the space of other VMs. It will automatically interact with the antivirus’ system management to learn how to optimize performance; know the settings and policies applied; when to have the protection on or off, and etcetera.
  • Have a light agent. It basically ‘sheds light’ on every VM protected. It does deep scanning and approaches for protecting network threats. Since it proves more effective than the first one, it requires more resources for its full optimization.
  • Do not VM sprawl. What happens in VM sprawls is that you duplicate machines and leave them out there in isolation within the network and just forget about them. What this does is make that duplicate an entry point for malware or cyber criminals to take advantage of because of the weakness of it due to the susceptibility provided by outdated security and old patches.

In conclusion, you will have a safe storage in a virtual space when you do the necessary precautions.

When A Damaged Hard Drive Is Beyond Help

Here’s an understatement for the millennium: A crashed hard drive is a bummer to deal with. Maybe you were ignoring the signs or didn’t maintain the hard drive enough to keep it from failing. Perhaps you left your PC on for too long without rebooting or even a soft restart. Maybe you didn’t notice that you can’t shut the PC down anymore, it just crashes. You know for sure you have a damaged hard drive when youend up with loads of bad sectors when you scan the disk. Symptoms of failure include loads of blue screens signifying mounting errors, the “Last Good Settings” option not working, the Safe Mode method also leads to crashes, and soon enough you won’t be able to start your PC up.

How to Save Your Damaged Hard Drive

You know your hard drive is beyond salvation when you couldn’t even boot it up anymore. A hard disk can even die without a screeching or grinding sound. You’ll just end up with a blank screen or an error at startup saying that it can’t read your hard disk drive at all. As far as many technicians are concerned, once your hard disk is fried, you could either reformat it and try to see if it has any usable data left or you should swap it for a healthier (and possibly bigger) drive, shifting from 500 GB to 1 TB.

A technician will tell you outright that it’s not viable to let your PC run 24 hours a day, even if it’s in sleep mode. If you’re going to sleep then you should also avoid turning off your computer without shutting it down properly. Your hard disk is likelier to suffer from errors or wear out its moving parts by restarting improperly without being shut down using the Start Menu and whatnot.

Here’s a secret “hack” you can use to revive a dead hard drive. Often when the hard drive fails, it’s not the physical mechanism that has failed but instead it’s something on the circuit board. In order to save the damaged hard drive, just remove the board from a good drive then install it on the bad one. 9 times out of 10 the “totally dead” drive will suddenly spring back to life and be readable once more, working like it’s newly bought.

You can also try out software solutions for good measure. If it’s just a bad partition that requires fixing, a partition software program should be available to address that issue. Ditto the various recovery tools available in the market today. If you miss your chance of backing up your data to another device, then you have no choice but to use software to salvage what you could (some of the files may already be corrupted beyond repair though).

Smart Phone Data Recovery Is Tough, But Possible

smart-phone-data-recovery-is-tough-but-possible6Recovering your smartphone data is tough but possible. After all, in light of the celebrity nude leak wherein even photos that celebrities thought they deleted actually ended up in the cloud backup system, it’s actually hard to permanently lose your photos and they should be available somewhere on your phone or the Internet if you look for them hard enough. Here’s the gist when it comes to smart phone data recovery. There are ways to recover lost data from the internal memory of your Android or iOS Apple mobile device, and cloud computing storage is just one of the multiple ways to go about phone data recovery. You can download apps specifically designed to hunt for restoring your phone and its files to its original state even if you were to reset it to factory settings and whatnot.

Debugging Mode Recovery and Other Tips

  • You can recover phone data by accessing its debugging mode of your Android or iOS device. This is best used on tablets and smartphones that are operational and can be set to debugging mode in the first place. For Android cellphones in particular, go to settings, applications, development, USB debugging, then turn it on, connect your mobile device via USB cable to your PC, pull down the status bar, select USB connected, connect storage to PC (reconnect the cable as needed if nothing happens), then have Windows load drivers to your device.
  • Launch the file recovery software on your PC. The storage media of your phone will be recognized as another drive. You can now scan for deleted or lost files with the correct undeletion or smart phone data recovery app. Once you’ve recovered everything that needs recovering, safely remove the device from Windows through the safely remove hardware and eject media option. You can also use third-party recovery software that are even better than Window’s free ones if you wish.
  • As for iOS devices, it’s roughly the same recovery steps. Attach the phone to the Mac by USB. Turn the device off. Press and hold the power button. Don’t let go and keep on holding fast to it. From there, hold power and home together for exactly 10 seconds and release the power but keep on holding home until your PC beeps and the USB device is finally recognized. The display will then come on and you’ve now successfully done your iPhone (or iPad) system restore.
  • To recover deleted data by either Android or iOS format phones from your SD card or the device itself, you should get the right software solution. The best ones are capable of multi-format recovery regardless of the phone type you’re using. Some apps are even available in robot form or have an executable wizard program that streamlines data recovery scans by simply running the program. There are also apps that allow you to pick and choose from a checklist the files you want recovered.

Can Computer Engineers Help With Data Recovery?

can-computer-engineers-help-with-data-recovery7For different tasks in making data, gathering information and even for saving and safety of the information gathered there are different people assigned for each task. Each person has an assigned task they need to accomplish strictly in order that every bit of information will be all in sync together. No information is not linked to the other. In-fact information in a company is transferred from one department to the other. Meaning there are a lot of other people who are assigned to different functions in the business.

Each task is equally important as the other. With one component missing it will mean that a certain single task will not be completed. Each and everyone should be able to coordinate together to complete a singular task at hand. One person is equally good and important as the other. As to the task provided to them is equally important. Come to think of it a computer engineer comes to mind. They are the ones responsible for the software that each and every company needs to have in order to process any business transaction.

What are their assigned tasks and here are just some of the simple ones:

  • They are tasked to develop software that the company can use as their operating system for their different day by day transactions with the other companies
  • They are the ones responsible for testing the systems being used
  • They also do evaluations of the operating systems being used by the company and other companies transacting
  • They can also design games that are work oriented and can help in the development of each and every person at work

The question is can computer engineers help with data recovery? The possible answer will be, yes they can. In the first place, they are the ones who develop new systems that can be used by the company. And whatever happens to that system they developed, they can also make one that can restore or recover those data that were lost because of the system they have created or could be a system that was developed by others.

They may not be magicians but they sure can fix the problem of lost data by developing what they call a counter system of recovery. So the question can computer engineers help with data recovery? The answer shall always be a yes because after all, they invented the systems that are used by others and also companies.